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Can ceiling batts be installed in my existing house?

Yes, but we need access via a large enough manhole that our packs of ceiling batts can fit through into your roof space. Also, we need a large enough roof space to allow us to work in for the installation. Low pitch roofs we are not usually able to do a retro fit as you may require the services of a roofer.

How much does it cost?

Most homes can be insulated for a price between $1,000 and $2,000. With prices varying due to size of the home and R rating of product used. Each individual home will need to be measured and costed.

What’s the difference between Blankets vs. Ceiling Batts?

Blanket insulation is installed under the roof sheet and needs to cover the whole sheeted area.

Ceiling batts are installed on top of the ceiling and don’t necessarily need to cover garages, patios and eaves.

Blanket products are usually 50mm thick or smaller. Ceiling batts minimum size is 125mm and can go as large as 190mm.

The location of ceiling batts on your ceiling line is going to help your air conditioners function most efficiently. Insulation on your roof line using a blanket product doesn’t offer the same benefits to your air conditioners efficiency.

What is an R rating?

All insulation is scientifically tested to produce an R rating which gives us an indication of how well that product works in a thermal situation. E.g. R3.0, R3.5 and R4.0. The thicker the product, the higher the R rating.

Should I install Ceiling Batts as well as Roof Blanket in my new home?

Our advice is, if you have the budget - do both! This is the best decision you’ll make for an energy efficient home, saving you on household running costs. Contact Pat to find out what the extra cost would be for your home.

Should I consider Wall Batts insulation as well?

Acoustic insulation can be installed in internal walls at time of construction for a relevantly cheap price.

Contact your builder or Pat for an estimate.

Is there warranty on Earthwool?

The Earthwool® range of insulation comes with a 50-year warranty so you can install it with confidence.

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