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SUN Insulation can improve the comfort of your living environment in summer and winter
Our services will help you save on energy bills and reduce energy consumption in your home

SUN Insulation currently installs ceiling batts for a number of homeowners in the Cairns region, including Port Douglas to Tully, incorporating the Atherton Tablelands. As those using SUN Insulation can testify, insulation in your home is the most economical and best performing product on the market.

The range of services provided by SUN Insulation to homeowners are as follows:

SUN Insulation give advice on different styles of installation, whether it’s comparing blankets to batts – refer to our FAQ’s.
We can give you advice to make your home the best insulated property in the street. We can provide you advice over the phone or at your residence or off the the plan if you’re just about to build a new home.

As part of our installation process, we can also remove any dangerous foil products in the roof space that could become live for existing homeowners.
For new homeowners that are currently building, we can also install acoustic and thermal products through ceiling and wall batts.

We can quote for insulation off a plan or by visiting your home for supply and fit. SUN Insulation can offer you a range of quotes dependant on your preference and budget. Meaning we can supply you a quote for the living areas only, or the entire home, based on the different R ratings. Refer to our FAQ’s to find out what an R rating is.

The benefits you have are naturally a cooler home year-round, your air conditioners will work most efficiently saving you on energy costs. Your air conditioners will also cycle off better, saving you on wear and tear.

Ceiling Batts will pay for themselves over the course of the first few years, which you’ll identify in your power bill.

SUN Insulation usually install ceilings batts over a few hours in the evening and cause little disruption to the household.

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SUN Insulation are experts in what we do!

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